San Diego Gunsmithing

A Division of Parallax Tactical LLC


General Rifle Work

  Installing Muzzle Device$10.00 
  Typical Scope Mount, Level, & Boresight$35.00 
  Firearm Complete Disassembly and Reassembly (CERAKOTE Prep)$35.00/hr
  Removing Pin & Welded Device (Cosmetic Damage to Barrel Threads)$40.00 
  Pin & Weld Muzzle Device$50.00
  Cutting, Threading, & Crowning Barrel$75.00
  Cut, Thread, Pin & Weld COMBO$100.00

General Bolt-Action Work

  Bolt Action Handle Threading & Install$60.00
  Bolt Action Handle Overhaul (Blend & Cerakote)$100.00

General Pistol Work

  Handgun Spring and Parts Upgrade$40.00 
  Pistol Sight Installation (XD, XDM, Beretta, Sig)$50.00
  Pistol Sight Installation (S&W, FNH, Glock)$40.00
  Pistol Sight Roll Pin / Drilling Install$50.00

AR-15 Work

  FCG Upgrade$30.00 
  AR15 Complete Upper Assembly$35.00 
  AR15 A2 FSB Removal (Includes installation of new gas block)$15.00 
  AR15 Complete Upper Overhaul$40.00 
  AR15 LPK Install Oversight$20.00
  AR15 Stock, Grip, or Handguard Install$20.00

AK Work

  AK Dust Cover Drill/Tap for Rail$40.00 
  AK Reciever Block EXTERNAL and/or Stock Installation$15.00
  AK Receiver Block INTERNAL Install and Stock$45.00
  AK Grip Install$15.00
  AK Handguard Install$30.00
  AK Dust Cover Fitting / Install$25.00
  AK FCG Install$15.00
  AK Rear Sight Install$15.00
  AK Magazine Catch Install$35.00

Saiga Variant

  SAIGA Magazine Fitting$30.00 
  SAIGA Rifle Bullet Guide Install for AK Magazines$30.00
  SAIGA FCG / Pistol Grip Conversion$99.00
  SAIGA Trigger Guard Install$30.00 

SKS Work

  SKS Conversion$50.00 

Mosin Nagant Work

  Mosin Nagant Receiver Drill and Tap for Rail$60.00 

M1A Work

  M1A Specific Scope Mount Install$30.00 

Shotgun Work

  Rem/Benelli Vent Rib Installation  Standard Dot Shotgun Express Sights$70.00 


  Blocking Transfer Magazines to 10rds (PXT block)$10.00/each
  Blocking Transfer Magazines to 10rds (provided block)$5.00/each